FireShield Conventional Fire Alarm Systems 
What is FireShield? 
FireShield is a feature-rich family of conventional panels and accessories that consists of: 
   * Three panels 
   * A DACT/dialer Serial remote annunciators and relays 
   * City tie modules and reverse polarity modules 
The entire line is highly flexible yet very competitively priced. 
What Does FireShield Have to Offer
FireShield panels are available in three sizes and can be ordered with or without the optional DACT, and FireShield’s initiating device circuits (IDCs)can be programmed for one of eight configurations. 
These features deliver a smaller, less expansive panel and call for running fewer wires. 
FireShield also offers several installation advantages: 
   * Panel and DACT programming from the front panel – no tools necessary! 
   * Optional remote or local PC programming 
   * Onboard alarm, trouble and supervisory relays 
   * A serial bus that supports and supervises remote annunciator and remote relay modules that can be        configured for both common and zone output functions. 
FireShield panels also include features that make operation easier for customers and service personnel... 
   * IDC and NAC disable switches on the front panel 
   * Front panel DACT disconnect switch 
   * Drill switch for easy compliance with increasing enforcement of required building evacuation drills in          both schools and office/industrial facilities 
Why Choose FireShield? 
FireShield is a family of panels that shares a common platform. That means simplified installer training. And, since installation, programming, and setup are common across the entire product line, once you learn one panel, you’ve learned them all! 
FireShield, combined with EC Series detectors and Genesis Signals, is a complete product family – panels, annunciators, detectors and notification appliances designed and manufactured to work together by a single manufacturer so there are no compatibility issues, and ordering is s breeze. All of this leads up to an on-time installation with no unexpected surprises. 
Supervised serial remote annunciators and serial relay modules are retrofit-friendly requiring fewer wires than traditional panels. That means you get... 
   * A simpler and faster installation. 
   * Easier code compliance. 
   * More flexibility because you can place relays where you need them. 
IDCs programmed for alarm verification can simultaneously support both detectors and contact devices. 
This is one of several FireShield features that economizes on zone counts. Saving zones reduces cost because a smaller panel can deliver the same or better detection as a larger, more expensive panel. 
FireShield's fully integrated DACT (Dialer) allows default or selective transmission of all system and zone events to either of two receivers. 
Another reason to choose FireShield is the optional Configuration Utility software package that provides for uploading or downloading of system configuration and real-time system status. In addition to the labor and time saving benefits of uploading and downloading, the FireShield configuration utility also allows service personnel to determine its status by dialing into the panel from a remote location.
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