Ready! handles most major brands of controllers - Continental; IEI; Honeywell (Northern Computers); Corby; Essex; Linear and others - so we can install a system that matches your needs.   
Continental Access Controllers 
Continental's family of Controllers provides fully true distributed processing, capable of performing all Access Control functions for one to eight doors. Any member of this family (Superterm®, Smarterm®, Miniterm® and Microterm®) may be networked together in a plug-and-play fashion to create a fully expandable system by using Continental's CardAccess® 495 host software (a Windows® platform) designed for use on a compatible PC.  
Our controllers can use virtually all types of card reading technologies without the need for additional interface boards or modules. Controllers can store multiple badge formats in memory, allowing for use with existing card populations and readers. For efficiency, each controller's memory can be configured to meet on-site requirements. The size of the transaction buffer and card holder database may be adjusted from the host PC to tailor the memory requirements to the specific application.  
Continental's controllers automatically up-load transactions as they occur and may also communicate with the host PC using standard voice-grade telephone lines and external modems. This dual dial-up capability allows each controller to store transactions and up-load automatically when memory approaches capacity or a priority alarm occurs (user-programmed). The host PC may also periodically dial a controller to maintain the system integrity
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